Comment Sold FAQ

What is Comment Sold or comment purchasing?

Comment purchasing is a quick way to claim and purchase items through Facebook and Instagram with a few simple keystrokes! The claim goes through an auto-invoicing system that collects your comments and gathers your claimed items into one cart. Here’s how to use it.

How to Claim Items on Facebook

Step 1 - Find something you love and want to purchase!

My, my! What do we have here? I NEED this cardigan! Let's claim it.



Step 2 - Comment exactly as the post or live sale host tells you to.

There will be a few variables you need to note. Typically, an inventory number, size, and color.




Step 3 - Now comment "sold" along with those variables.

Here we go! Come to mama!


Step 4 - Receive confirmation.

In an instant, the system will let you know you it has successfully received your comment in one of a few ways depending on how the seller has set it up.



If you are purchasing from a Facebook Business Page for the first time, you will receive a notification through Facebook messenger to click a URL to claim your item. The item will not be in your cart until you click that link. Note: you will only have to click to claim the first time you purchase from a Business Page. After that, items will automatically cart!



Step 5 - Register & pay!

Inside of the auto-reply there will be a link to your cart, where you will enter your shipping information and payment details to complete your purchase.



Click the link and fill out your basic info. If you are already registered, you do not have to do this again. 

After registration, you can see the items in your cart. Then it will ask you which payment processor you prefer. This will vary depending on how the seller has set it up.



Press “Checkout” to enter payment information.

You’ll receive a message after your order is finalized.



Step 6 - Celebrate! You got it!