Join our Kaché Rewards Program where you earn points for supporting our business! Here are ways that you can earn points towards Kaché style cash!
  • Follow us on Instagram for 100 Kaché points
  • Like us on Facebook for 50 Kaché points
  • Sign up for 200 Kaché points
  • Celebrate a birthday for 1000 Kaché points
  • Place an order and earn 5 Kaché points for every $1 dollar spent

And your reward opportunities are:

  • $5 off coupon for 500 Kaché points
  • $10 off coupon for 2000 Kaché points
  • $20 off coupon for 3000 Kaché points  


How do I sign up?

  • For existing customers: Click on the Kaché Rewards icon on your screen's bottom left-handed corner and log in to your account.
  • For new customers: Create a Kaché account to start earning points and redeeming Kaché Rewards! Ensure that you are subscribed to our VIP newsletter to get the first look at new arrivals and sales!

How do I start earning points once I have joined?

  • We have so many ways to earn Kaché points! You'll receive points for every dollar spent on your purchases by completing a post-purchase survey, or be rewarded for engaging with us through our social media channels.

How do I check my points?

  • Log into your account on and click on the Kaché Rewards icon located on your screen's bottom left.

Do my points expire?

  • Points will only expire after an extended length of inactivity. So basically as long as you continue to earn (or spend) your points, they'll remain in your account. Don't worry, we will give you a fair warning via email if your points will be expiring.

Can I have multiple accounts or transfer points to another account?

  • No, you can only have on Kaché Rewards account and one login. Only one account will be associated with your points, and you cannot combine email accounts.

How do I use my points?

  • You can spend the points by applying your balance to items in your cart when you checkout or you can wait and accumulated them to spend on a more significant purchase. You cannot use points to purchase a Kaché Gift Card. Points cannot be combined with a coupon code. Once you hire a reward threshold, you must use that reward coupon in a single purchase. It will not carry a remaining balance.

I placed an order, how long will it take for my points to be applied?

  • Your points will be allocated once your order ships, so check back and watch those points start to pile up!

Are there any limitations on earning points?

  • Reward points are eligible on merchandise prices only! Taxes, shipping, and purchases made with a Kaché Gift Card or account credit are not eligible to earn rewards.

How do the coupon codes work?

  • Once you've earned a reward, it will remain in your account until you're ready to redeem it. Please note that each code is a single-use and balances cannot carry over. Your Kaché coupon code can be used simultaneously with a Kaché Gift Card, but it cannot be combined with other promotional codes.


Points are not given for shipping costs and taxes & are not redeemable on shipping costs.
Coupon codes cannot be combined when redeeming Kaché Reward points.
Email with questions or for more information.